How to fix Lotus Sametime Community Version information in Sametime Server Console

In my previous post, I’ve told you that I’ve experienced with Sametime Meeting Browser Audio Video plugin. Long before that solution, I’ve upgraded all Lotus Sametime components to 8.5.2 IFR1 and because the error still persists, I’ve decided to revert snapshot to 8.5.2 and re-upgrade to 8.5.2 IFR1.

The Lotus Sametime Community Server still using 8.5.2 IFR1 (no re-upgrade). That’s why the information of Lotus Sametime Community version in Lotus Sametime Server Console (SSC) still shown version 8.5.2. See the picture below.



The challenge is how to update the version text manually because the Sametime Community Server has been upgraded to 8.5.2 IFR1. This should not happened if you upgraded all sametime server components from earlier version together not like me (the other machine has been re-upgraded and the other machine no need to re-upgrade).

First I am trying to googling, the result i found no solution for this problem. So I decided to submit a new PMR to IBM Support. I am glad that they response and send me a solution how to fix it.

To fix it, you may want to use registerSTServerNode.bat with “-upgrade” option to upgrade the registration of the Community Server in SSC.
Please follow these Steps :

  1. Stop Sametime Community/Domino server
  2. Back up the and files
  3. Navigate to the Community Server’s <Domino>\console directory, on Windows: The console directory is under the Domino directory; for example: C:\Lotus\Domino\console
  4. Make back-up copies (using different names, or copying to other location) of the and files.
  5. Verify that the settings in the and files are correct, modifying them as needed before saving and closing the file. Most commonly, you don’t need to modify any entry in these files, unless there is change in the settings.
  6. Start the Sametime Community Server.
  7. Run the registerSTServerNode registration utility from the <Domino>/console directory with -upgrade option:  >registerSTServerNode.bat -upgrade
  8. The result text should show “The upgrade process has completed successfully” on Dos Prompt or your OS console.

If the result is failed, please verify the setting in “ and”. Most problems are :

  1. “SSCHostName” field in “”, it should your SSC Server Address.
  2. “DepName” field in “”, it should your Sametime Communnity Server Deployment identifier name. For an example “Chat Server”
  3. “NodeHostName” field in “”, it should your Sametime Community Server addres

After locate and correct the problem, just follow the steps above.

It should be the version information shown a correct version number, like the screenshot below.


Have a nice day

Credits (Thank you for your support):
Yang Xiao (Singapore IBM Collaboration Solution Support)

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