About Me

Halo, My name Johanes Gunawan. I was born when Pope John Paul II became the first non italian since 450 years ago and the same year when the first personal computer named Altair 8800 equipped with memory just 256 bytes! I have graduated from Faculty of Computer Science – University of Bina Nusantara.

I am living in the capital city of Republic Indonesia and currently, I am working with one of private company at IT Department.

I was writing a lot of article during my free time since my teen age. I had been active in editorial of magazine during my teen age, sometime writing a novel but never published 🙂 I am also write small article for ilmukomputer.com in a short time.

I have been active blogging since the era of 1990’s when the internet was booming, it was known a lot of .com sites emerges such as yahoo.com, geocities.com, Hotmail.com, etc. It was long before google, Facebook, twitter, etc famous today.

I have tried to make my own homepage using HTML when this mark up language introduce to me in 1999. It was homepage before blogging terms was widely known in 2001 (since 9/11).

In year 2000, i decided to buy my own domain, and gradually i have migrated from hard coding to CMS.

That’s a short brief of mine. Hope you can enjoyed my articles, feel free to browse. Leave your comment, like, share and subscribe 🙂 I will try my best to update and upload new article during my free time.

If you want to copy my article, please go ahead but let your reader know the original source. I will also do that, if i have paste the article from another source.

Thank you

PS: I have translated from Indonesia to English, so hope it can be read globally. But i still love Indonesian. Peace

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