Dua penyihir Steve Jobs & Bill Gates dan sosok setelah mereka

Mungkin di antara kita masih ingat ketika Bill Gates secara perlahan mundur dari CEO Microsoft namun beliau masih memegang Chief Software Architect pada tahun 2000 hingga puncaknya pada tahun 2008 Bill Gates benar-benar mundur sama sekali dari Microsoft untuk secara full time bekerja di lembaga sosial yang dimilikinya yang bernama Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. […]

Lotus Notes error: “CWPCA8522E: Application did not get installed…”

Problem : When you open mailbox client on Lotus Notes Standard Edition 8.5.1 with FP5 installed, randomly will raise an error “CWPCA8522E Application did not get installed” Cause : According to https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21444533, commonly there are multiple XML files defined in the Composite Application portion of the application referenced in the error message. In my experience […]

Android Market soon will be a market leader for mobile app store

according to Distimo Observes, in the next 5 months Android market will be projected become the world’s biggest mobile app store, it means soon will break Apple App Store dominations for mobile app store. Here is the complete graph from Jan 2011-Jun 2011 Android Market growth’s from Jan 2011 about 151,036 apps to Jun 2011 […]

Need Lotus Notes Traveler for Android…Natively

Recently I’ve bought Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread system.¬†Truly, it is an awesome device with Live Wallpaper, Widget, a lot of free software, corning gorilla glass (anti¬†stretch glass), it is superior compare with iphone4 (apple should fear this). I’ve already knew since Lotus Notes Traveler has support Android devices. In my […]

Frustrating to start Lotus Sametime Stmux Service

This Friday is a freaky day because suddenly after I’ve restarted our sametime server, all user can’t log in to sametime. first things first, I was checked my windows firewall is ok, all open has been open. But when I’ve checked sametime service, i’ve seen stmux.exe (Sametime Community Multiplexor) was failed to running. I’ve already […]