Quick chit chat…

Halo readers,

Long time no see. May be it’s been 6 years since my last post about Lotus Sametime. It’s feel like, I haven’t written a blog such a long time ago.

Just quick update, Now I am no longer working on my previous company. Thus, my article will be quite different with my previous posts but no worries, it is only on specific IT topic.

Ok, enough for this chit chat, let’s go to next article

New Year Blog Challenge

Hi again,

It’s there a long time since my last update. May be it took two years since i have wrote the last article.

I have updated this site with a simple and clean with hope, I was no longer hassled with web maintenance and start focused upload a new article.

Feel free to browse and read the article, keep tuned in, I will deliver a newest article soon.

Hope you enjoyed and…

Happy New Year 2017

Peace 🙂