How to disable local notes database encryption

If you think that you want to copy lotus notes nsf data from remote domino server using replication a new replica, then i think you have a wrong solution, because how can you replicate your nsf data while you are in a slow network such as in VSAT network?

It is happened to me when i’ve to deploy domino server in remote site with only 64 Kbps and the database you’ve to copied 1 GB for each nsf application. Lucky, i’ve local database replication copy from user’s PC.

When i’ve to restore lotus notes email using user local database copy, unfortunately the domino shown error dialog box “this database has been encrypt bla bla”, it was happened because when user create a new replica database, Lotus Notes tick enable encryption by default. It means this traditional copy is not a complete solution.

The best way to do this is you have to disable database encryption, but how to do this? Please follow my lead 😀

  1. Open Lotus Notes application workspace, right click at email or nsf application that you want to disable it.
  2. Choose Application – Properties, and click Encryption Settings button
  3. The default like this following picture, but you have to choose “Do not locally encrypt this database” then press OK button :
  4. After that you have to compact the database to applied the new settings you’ve made. Still in database application properties, go to tab “i” and click “Compact” button.
  5. After that you can copy your notes dabatase such as email, etc to your domino server.

Good luck….