Android Market soon will be a market leader for mobile app store

according to Distimo Observes, in the next 5 months Android market will be projected become the world’s biggest mobile app store, it means soon will break Apple App Store dominations for mobile app store.

Here is the complete graph from Jan 2011-Jun 2011

Android Market growth’s from Jan 2011 about 151,036 apps to Jun 2011 about 332,114. The estimates growth percentages are about 239% annually. It means in the end of year 2011, Android market will be hold of total 513,192 apps compare with Apple with iPad and iPhone App Store in the end of year 2011 will be hold only of total 569,862 apps (growth 44% for iPhone app store and 70% for iPad App Store annually (average both total 50% annually)

Apple domination seems to be over in the next year.