Android Market soon will be a market leader for mobile app store

according to Distimo Observes, in the next 5 months Android market will be projected become the world’s biggest mobile app store, it means soon will break Apple App Store dominations for mobile app store.

Here is the complete graph from Jan 2011-Jun 2011

Android Market growth’s from Jan 2011 about 151,036 apps to Jun 2011 about 332,114. The estimates growth percentages are about 239% annually. It means in the end of year 2011, Android market will be hold of total 513,192 apps compare with Apple with iPad and iPhone App Store in the end of year 2011 will be hold only of total 569,862 apps (growth 44% for iPhone app store and 70% for iPad App Store annually (average both total 50% annually)

Apple domination seems to be over in the next year.

Need Lotus Notes Traveler for Android…Natively

Recently I’ve bought Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread system. Truly, it is an awesome device with Live Wallpaper, Widget, a lot of free software, corning gorilla glass (anti stretch glass), it is superior compare with iphone4 (apple should fear this).

I’ve already knew since Lotus Notes Traveler has support Android devices. In my recent article, i was wrote that Lotus Notes Traveler has support IOS (iphone, ipad, ipod) and it was easy to setup, no additional software installed just use Exchange Active Sync Account, your lotus notes mail will be deliver to your devices.

But in android system, you must to install Lotus Notes Traveler application in order to push your lotus notes email but unfortunately, it wasn’t running natively. It means if you want to check your calendar, you must tap traveler calendar icon and if you want to check your mail, you must tap traveler mail icon, except for contact you can view lotus notes address book natively (built in within your devices).

Even may be you have Exchange Active Sync account on your devices like mine, it is not working (or may be you’ve some tricks? please share and write comment below this article).

I know, Android system has been installed on many devices not like Symbian only works on Nokia, IOS work only on iphone, etc devices, it means more add complexity but I think IBM should think to make Traveler running natively not through additional apps, so we can see calendar, contacts and mail even widget in Android Devices built-in software not additional software like Symbian, Apple does even on Blackberry no additional apps to push/sync your email, contact and calendar.

Hope IBM Lotus team will read my blog…