Lotus Notes upgrade problem : “Cannot upgrade AllClient installation to Notes client…..”

When you want to upgrade Lotus Notes 8.5 ke 8.5.1 shown error “Cannot upgrade AllClient installation to Notes client. The upgrade you are attempting is not supported”

change the InstallType=2 to InstallType=6 in your notes.ini. And try to install again

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Thank you so much for this! That was exactly the issue I was running into, and it broke to the point I was getting that error trying to uninstall 8.5 so I could do a fresh install of 8.5.1.

You’re awsome!

Top man!! I had this error following a corporate install of Notes Client 8.5.2 that I needed to remove to get the notes client and designer installed. Work fine..

Thumbs up !!

Notes continues to confound me, but this post saved me today and spared one of our already overworked help desk staffers from sitting trough the install with me. Many, many thanks!

Thumbs up!
Right to the point. Man your the best. Thanks truly.

Finally able to uninstall Notes client. TQVM.

I couldn’t uninstall Lotus Notes 8.5.2.

This helped! Thank you so much.

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